Niantic Bay Yacht Club

Niantic Bay Yacht Club is comprised of 250 memberships and is primarily managed by a committed group of sailor members who volunteer their time to promote a friendly family sailing environment.

  • Commodore—Paul Grady
  • Vice Commodore—Pam Manthous
  • Rear Commodore—Cliff Ashton
  • Past Commodore—Kevin Dowd
  • Treasurer—Annemarie Gucwa
  • Assistant Treasurer—Ted Coss
  • Recording Secretary—David Shluger
  • Corresponding Secretary—Tim Parker
  • Membership Chair—Norm Peck III
  • House Chair—Demetrios Manthous
  • Planning and Development Chair—Harlan Fredericksen
  • Waterfront Chair—Bob Shabunia
  • Member at Large—Nancy Harrington
Membership Information:
For an application or information, please contact the membership chairperson, Norm Peck III at 860 460-9757 or at