Niantic Bay Yacht Club is a private organization whose purpose is the education of youth and others in general navigation and seamanship, and to that end, provide for the teaching and practice of a knowledge thereof; to purchase, mortgage, lease and sell real estate and personal property to maintain a building on Niantic Bay and an anchroage therein; to own and operate boats; to conduct sailing races; to promote yachting and a knowledge thereof in Niantic Bay and adjacent waters and such other things as necessary or incidental , all for said purpose of general navigation and seamanship.


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Slips and Dry Sail - 2015

The 2015 Slip and Dry Sail application is ready.
Download, print, sign and scan or mail to Bob Shabunia at the address on the form. One form per request, please.  Take special note of the due dates deadlines.


NBYC provides rental slips and moorings for transient boats, as vacancies present themselves. Overnight fees are based on a per-foot basis. 

To reserve a slip or mooring, call the NBYC Management at (860) 739-0558.  NBYC monitors channel 72.



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