Niantic Bay Yacht Club

RC Assignments for 2021

The table below shows the 2021 Race Committee assignments. Look for your name. Know that you and one other are responsible for race committee on the appointed day. Plan to be at Lady Evelyn at least an hour before race time. Race time is 1400 hours on weekends and 1800 hours on Wednesday evenings. It would be helpful if you brought some volunteers with you. On weekends, two people for Lady Evelyn and at least one person for the mark boat is typical. Wednesday evenings, you will usually have help with race management on Lady Evelyn, but come prepared for anything.
The Race Committee guide for NBYC describes duties in some detail.

2021 RC assignment schedule, updated 08/30/21

You can make swaps with other members on and off the roster. If you do make a trade, please send a note to so that we can update the schedule and be sure that the other person is aware of the swap. If there is an emergency, call the club and let the manager know. Thank you!